About GB Security

The mission of GB Security is to provide an easy and affordable security solution to new and small businesses.

Starting a business can be both exciting and daunting, not to mention expensive.
A website is often built to accompany the company, but security is often overlooked.
By no fault of the web designers, the people building the company’s network or devices, or the business owners themselves, more often than not vulnerabilities creep into the design and lie dormant until they are found and exploited.
Such vulnerabilities can cause problems to the business, from simply changing the content of a website, to complete take-over of their digital estate. This can lead to disastrous consequences to a company as it can lead to legal and/or financial issues, issues that may ultimately damage a company and its reputation.

GB Security wants to give piece-of-mind to new businesses by finding these vulnerabilities and suggesting solutions at an affordable price.

Whether a company wants a basic security audit of a network host or website, or a fully investigative inspection of a network including source codes and configurations, GB Security is able to help.