Our current offerings are displayed below. This table gives a rough comparison cost and inexhaustive list of features that the different tests contain.




The pricing of a security test can differ due to the requirements of the client and the complexity of the required test.
Due to this, a day rate is decided by firms that can range from between £800 and £1500 per day in the UK.
Why does this day rate differ so much? Well that depends on the seniority of the tester, how established the pentesting firm is and its reputation.
So, a junior pentester on a day rate of £800 testing a basic website with five pages over a two day test would cost a business £1,600.
A senior penetration tester on a day rate of £1,500, on the other hand, testing a network with a complex web app interface and associated android app over a ten day test would cost a business £15,000.

This type of information can be daunting to new and small companies; it is expensive, so security, unfortunately, gets ignored.

Fortunately, GB Security have small businesses in mind – we are here to help by offering a solution that is much more affordable to them.
By providing smaller, cheaper tests, catered to the client’s needs, a more focused, client-centric test can be performed at an affordable price. If a pentest is required that is very specific, then give us a call and we will cater for your requirements.

Always keep in mind: the cost of a breach far outweighs the expense of a comprehensive security assessment.